iPhone XSMax running iOS 14. Otherwise running normally.

DevRant app runs like old people fuck.

Is it just me?

Troubleshooting tips?

What’s this app written in? Is there a DevRant API? I’ll write my own DevRant app with blackjack and hookers.

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    - No
    - Yeah nah
    - Written on the "about" page
    - Unofficial one

    Not a question, but you can't really do that on a platform where the official app already exists (e.g. Android, iOS, etc.)
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    Thanks for the thorough response!

    I found the problem on the “About” page.

    “Use JavaScript to write native iOS/Android apps”

    (No offense @dfox, please understand I mean this and all other “rants” with at least some amount of tounge-in-cheek self deprecating humor, and fully understand the desire to build for iOS and Android from a single platform, though perhaps I would still personally prefer to dev natively for each one)
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi can you be a little more specific? I have an iPhone 11 Pro and it runs perfectly for me...
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    @dfox Oh man. I was kinda just “ranting” but it’s awesome you’re reaching out!

    Regular crashes. Seems to be particularly if the app goes into background mode and then comes back out.

    I’ll see if I can get anything reproducible, or more specific, over the coming days.

    Edit: no updates for the DevRant app pending. Presumably I’m up-to-date.

    Edit 2: felt guilty, subscribed, dark theme is noice!
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    why does this problem only exist on iOS, it never crashed on Android
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    Yeah an app that doesn’t crash, that’d be great.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi haha thanks, no need to feel guilty, I’m just trying to understand where the issues are. The last iOS update (a few weeks ago) fixed a lot of crashes. There still seems to be a few sporadic, but I haven’t really identified the exact cause/pattern yet. Please let me known if you find any more details. Thanks!
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    @dfox Will do. It seems to be intermittent, which we all know makes it hard to pin down, and of course now that I mentioned it I haven’t had a a single crash...

    Pixelated avatars and binary scores is nice too!

    I’ve just reset image cache, turned on notifications and pretty much every other feature I can find in settings, and I’ll see if I can narrow down the area that is causing it by rolling back various settings over the next few days.

    Edit: had a crash. Had exited app, gone to safari, came back to app when I got a notification for a ++. Tapped the notification to go to that thread and app crashed.
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    @theabbie it's one of those "works on my pc" situations.
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    @theKarlisK But dfox uses iOS, so, technically, it shouldn't crash on iOS
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    @theabbie maybe it doesn't *dramatic music*? :)
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    @dfox for me its most often when I try to go to notifications or clicking one and more often when the app is just started or have been hibernating for a while.

    Lately I have not had any of the main rant page.
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    "like old people fuck"

    Speak for yourself @HifiWifiScifi
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    I see lots of apps crash but this one never crashed for me on Android. Handles app notifications, comes back from background / killing perfectly.
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    It’s a feature. It gets people to rant.
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    I use iPhone 7+ and it keeps crashing after scrolling some rants or navigating between pages
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    @volttide "Well then what do you think you should stop doing?!"
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    @Jilano no!!😂
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    We’re still trying to track this issue down. I use the app mostly in test flight mode which is supposed to give option to submit crash data, but for some reason the few times I’ve gotten it to crash I haven’t been able to submit the report to send through the data.

    We have a very big new version release coming in the next day or so, and after that I will dig a lot more into this.

    Any further reproduction steps are always appreciated, but some good info in here already, thanks everyone.
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