So I made a new GitHub repo and pushed some changes to it, but they didn’t show up. Then I noticed that there are two branches to my project— main and master. And my changes were pushed to the master (coz I did git push origin master) and the default name is now configured to main. So this is what some of you guys were irritated about— changing words like master-slave to primary-secondary for political correctness and all.

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    Because we are surrounded by bunch of delicate and unique snowflakes.
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    Just wait until they see my RAID config...
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    is there even anyone who asked for this rename shit?
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    @nebula No, but it got GitHub a free spot in the news.
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    @Lor-inc if it is not forbidden i will change my stuff bqck to master in future.
    yesterday I heard that with xamarin 5 master detail page will be renamed to flyout page 😑
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    So three things:

    - GitHub actually isn't the one to push this. Official Git accepted a patch to do this and so github simply followed suit. Your git client is going to start making main branches in the future.

    - You can change your defaults under Settings -> Repositories for your user, or Org Settings -> Repository Defaults for your org.

    - Fuck this change.
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    @junon exactly but let's blame github because is ms and it sounds cooler.

    P. S.
    I don't like this useless change neither
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    I always hear about the mysterious "snowflake" but I never met one. I don't know if it's luck, or that all the "oh god the snowflakes are taking over and we all can't say anything anymore" guys are just pulling it out of their asses.
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