Dear external developer dumbass from hell.
We bought your company under the assumption you had a borderline functioning product and/or dev team. Ideally both

For future reference expect "file path" arguments can contain backslashes and perhaps even the '.' character. It ain't that hard. Maybe try using the damn built in path parsing capabilities every halfway decent programming environment has had since before you figured out how to smash your head against the keyboard hard enough for your shitty excuse of a compiler stops arguing and gives in.

I am fixing your shit by completely removing it with one line of code calling the framework and you better not reject this.
This is not a pull request ITS A GOD DAMN PULL COMMAND.

- Is what i would _like_ to say right now... you know if i wouldn't be promptly fired for doing so :p
How's you guys friday going?

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    Send me more PCs, please
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    I love the term "pull commands". I'm sending those from now on. 10/10
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    Pull demands
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    "Hey, just merge it. Don't fuckin' review it. MERGE! "

    LMAO, nice rant
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    This. I like this.
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    "We bought your company under the assumption you had borderline functioning product and/or Dev team"

    ...oh sweet summer child.
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    I have a similar experience to this. The REST API server provided by some third-party cannot handle JSON payload with single-quote.

    How ridiculous.
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