hello devranters,

been a while, past few weeks have been a painful one for me.

I finally got that second monitor and also built the small home server( I'll give details in another rant).

been a lot going on around me, there's a protest going on and a lot of young "unarmed" people including children killed, lots of gory images, all we were asking for was to stop police brutality, they're still shooting at people. it's a lot going on here. I can't even concentrate. I took some time off social media because all the bodies I was seeing was beginning to get into my head.
I really can't Express how I feel right now. we were expecting the international community(I really dont know who exactly) to come to our aid, lol
It's all over Twitter. images, videos, everything.
I just hope everything gets better.

the image is my new setup. I just log hello world on the console and that's all I do with it.
my table is basically two wooden slabs supported by textbooks on chairs(at last I found use for them since I never read them in school ). server is under the table.

keep us in your prayers. thanks

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    ohh, isn't that an old school dell inspiron? like this one
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    @JhonDoe yah. it is. I use it as a rescue system. e6440 I think
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    @ilechuks73 I like how you reutilized the books. Keep safe
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    @ilechuks73 oh boi, I have some good memories with one of those. Back in the day I was a student and had no money whatsoever to buy a laptop; one acquaintance needed to burn some cd's(yeah, those burning ages) and didn't know how, so I went to his home and I burrowed that laptop until I did the process. I was dazzled with that laptop

    PS: I hope things improve for you mate
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    @JhonDoe yeah. worked well for 10+ years I think. currently running puppy linux on it. works totally fine
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    I also like how you used books and magazines to stabilize the wooden boards to make a short desk. I hope that helps your posture in the long run.
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    Actually, I take that back. Just read again. Lel.
    I hope the chairs are capable of handling the load tho. Cuz otherwise you may break a screen or two if something was to go wrong.
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