Anybody use Toggl?

I would frown on this in a business environment as far too intrusive... but for a freelancer I wonder if it could help me track my tasks/use/hours more easily.

Because that is one part of freelance that sucks.

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    It is nice they have desktop apps and mobile for tracking, pausing and reminding and other useful stuff.

    They still owe me a t-shirt though 🤣
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    I went to, but feels way to intrusive for work related use.
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    @C0D4 yeah, kind of where I’m at.

    I’ve been tossing around adding a tcpdump from my pi hole to another pi that I’d then build some web visual UI for showing what every device on my network is doing...

    And I could probably tail and parse that into something akin to a report from toggl... I wouldn’t get app usage per se, but I could see what those apps were doing on the web. Probably almost as good.

    Say hello to my next patched together mostly working Pi project!
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    Yeah, I don't fully use it (mostly because I only have it installed on my personal laptop), but it's helpful
    although it has a short memory.
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