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    Fuck you NVidia! - Linus Torvalds
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    So I am good programmer...?
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    Linus is a prick anyways, he always acts like he's some kind of authority on coding, fuck Linus
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    @jonnyserra Yeah, who the fuck he thinks he is? It's not like he started the development of an OS and a version control system that billions of people use in some way! Oh, wait...
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    Agree with this!!
    Have read such a thing before. Good ones spend more time in optimizing the logics because coding is a piece of cake for them:p
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    I worry about everything.. sometimes even my future. What kind of programmer I fall into?
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    @setyadi That's the general case...
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    @antoni4040 no he didn't he developed a kernel that just so happened to get picked as the base for gnu, don't award him laurels he doesn't deserve
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    @jonnyserra Oh yes, sorry, Linus totally gets undeserved attention. The media of course think that Steve Jobs was a programming genius, and I'm tired of seeing his chin on book covers... So yeah, Linus deserves all the attention in the world, especially from programmers. He may be a dick sometimes, but that dick is also a great programmer. Period. Saying the opposite is idiotic...
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