I’ve now worked with three Toptal devs. The first one logged time he didn’t actually work and would edit conversation history to conceal commitments he had made. The second one would disappear for days at a time without notice, and the third is incapable of communicating or working together with team members. She has replaced large portions of our codebases without notice or discussion, and now we have to roll all of it back and convince Toptal to refund the time.

Turns out that toptal’s interview process manages to miss things like honesty/trustworthiness and communication. Be careful hiring from there.

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    What was an hourly average you were paying?
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    "Toptal only hires the finest hourly wage slaves on zero hour contracts from the top 3% of people who couldn't find a job anywhere else."
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    @molaram first was 40/hr, second was 60/hr, third was 145/hr
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    The question really should be "what was their take home pay?" IBM, as the poster child for corporate fuckery, will bill you $28/hour for a resource they pay $2.
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    Over here you can't get a plumber to work for less than $100/h
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    London is pricey. I was ecstatic to find an eggs royale for < 8 GBP
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    I bet the third developer wrote shitty code too lol
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    So these are the guys who take up like half the job listings in my area's LinkedIn, huh.

    nice top talent
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