uTorrent wtf is this explain

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    should move off to qbit or similar
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    uTorrent is shit, use qBitTorrent instead.
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    Lol wtf
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    So its essentially "pay for seeders" then. qBitTorrent is the way to go, but Deluge has also gotten a facelift on linux.
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    Utorrent is shit, I used cracked folx and it’s amazing
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    Pick your flavour, BitTorrent / Utorrent are commercialised and the same product, what could you possible expect?
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    uTorrent is an ad infested garbage since a lot of time ago.
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    Why the actual fuck are you using that piece of shit
    Use an actual torrent client
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    isn't torrent supposed to be the same on any client?
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    Qbitorrent is gold. I ditched out uTorrent and BitTorrent when they started putting ads many years ago
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    I use seedr.cc to download stuff, first download it on cloud within seconds and then download it at normal internet speed.
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    Transmission ftw, especially for seedboxes :)
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    What the others said. Personally using qBittorrent, it works well and you can theme the GUI

    PS: You might want to scan your PC for leftover shit
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    Go for Transmission
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    @dmonkey That depends on how the torrenting software is written!
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    Transmission, it has a docker container with integrated openVPN
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    I remember using uTorrent long time ago when it didn't have any ads.
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    transmission is light, works well and has remote-management and docker versions.
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    @kiki does folx support torrents? I thought it was just a file downloader.
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    @uziiuzair I use folx for torrents exclusively
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    Transmission for sure
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