Does anyone know if I can take a CSS file and put it into brackets without loading an external file/dropbox

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    First, WTF are you trying to accomplish.
    Second, would you kindly provide more detail on your question?
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    @p100sch I'm trying to load a CSS file into brackets but it isn't working I already tried troubleshooting and they said there was no problem so I don't know how to gr the file into brackets now I'm doing this for my college class because all our work needs to be presented through brackets.
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    @The-Real-Jack First of all, reproduce to us your user experience with Brackets (and yes, it's way better to start proper noun with capital letter), to eliminate ways that won't work.
    My guess is that you are opening file incorrectly. How do we know that you did right?
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    @vintprox Well I loaded into the Brackets software and uploaded my files: HTML JavaScript then CSS, but when I uploaded the CSS nothing happened. I tried to make sure it wasn't a problem with Brackets (software) and other CSS files worked so it is specifically that file. I re-wrote the CSS into another file and it still didn't accept the file.
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    File -> open -> some.css?

    On a serious note, if that isn't it, I'm with @p100sch, we are going to need to know what it is your trying to do.
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    @The-Real-Jack Also, Brackets is outdated and unoptimized mock of IDE from Adobe that your lecturer wrongly perceives as one of the most advanced and easy to use.
    Simply, no. If all you do is HTML+CSS+JS, then you aren't ought to show how it works in Brackets.
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    @The-Real-Jack Did you check the CSS file for errors using e.g. http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ which supports also directly copy/pasting the file content online?
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    @The-Real-Jack And how in the world your webpage is supposed to apply arbitrary stylesheets or files? It doesn't work that way. You need to explicitly indicate which file you import as stylesheet, they aren't magically put in HTML for you, because you lay it out. Take free HTML course, for starters.
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    @Fast-Nop The file has 0 errors so it must be on Brackets end, I also have no choice in terms of my assignment my professor won't let me use anything else.
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    @C0D4 I don't know how to explain it better sorry but I can just not do this course. Thank you all for your concerns/help.
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    @C0D4 Yeah it's a complete mystery why anyone would even need something other than a text editor and a browser for doing HTML/CSS/JS. Even the dev tools are right in the browser.
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    @C0D4 your right thank you for your help there isn't much to go off thank you for trying
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    @The-Real-Jack I’m sorry you don’t speak irony, we’ll try next time!

    You gave very vague details, Brackets is a simple editor and I don’t see any reason why it should do anything with “external file/dropbox” automagically. It’s just a notepad that looks better. You open files, type stuff, close stuff. That’s it. And because you said other files do work, I highly doubt it’s “Brackets fault”.

    My bet is you don’t use CSS, but SCSS instead and you embedded your CSS in the HTML, but Brackets doesn’t know that he needs to transpile them, because you didn’t told him to.
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    #define AND_ENCODING 0b00100110
    #define ADD_ENCODING 0b00000101
    #define ASHL_ENCODING 0b00101000
    #define ASHR_ENCODING 0b00101101
    #define BEQ_ENCODING 0b00110000
    #define BGE_ENCODING 0b00110110
    #define BGEU_ENCODING 0b00111000
    #define BGT_ENCODING 0b00110011
    #define BGTU_ENCODING 0b00110101
    #define BLE_ENCODING 0b00110111
    #define BLEU_ENCODING 0b00111001
    #define BLT_ENCODING 0b00110010
    #define BLTU_ENCODING 0b00110100
    #define BNE_ENCODING 0b00110001
    #define BRK_ENCODING 0b00110101
    #define CMP_ENCODING 0b00001110
    #define DEC_ENCODING 0b00001001
    #define DIV_ENCODING 0b00110001
    #define GSR_ENCODING 0b00001010
    #define INC_ENCODING 0b00001000.
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    typedef struct {
    unsigned char ab : 1;
    unsigned char eq : 1;
    unsigned char ba : 1;
    unsigned char uab : 1;
    unsigned char ueq : 1;
    unsigned char uba : 1;
    } CCR_BITFIELD; //Condition code register bitfield

    typedef union {
    CCR_BITFIELD bitset; //When using SPR as CCR
    uint32_t value; //Normal CCR
    } SPR_T;
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    edit: you welcome
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