I use to develop desktop programs in C++ with algos related with image processing and computer vision. However, new projects appear and one of them was for web using Drupal. It was my first experience with web and I am still having nightmares... It is the worst thing you can do. Continue a big project without the understanding of technology nor the framework... Now I am more experienced and I prefer stacks like MERN. Easy the debugging in web i so crucial... Maybe, I would have to swtich to webassembly.

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    Doesn't c++ have a web server library?
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    C++ has not been adopted very well for the web developer community. I wouldn't try to force circumstances. On the hand, I am not neither opposed to learn new technologies, but the way I did was a really nightmare...
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    I've been studying c++ lately and I really like it. Everything is blazingly fast and you have more control over everything. Sometimes it helps me understand better what my computer is doing.

    I had this image in my head that everything would be 100x harder to do in c++ but it's really not that bad IMO
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    Had an awful experience with Drupal as well, I get that it is supposed to let you build web pages fast but its just terrible.
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    Yes,@ArtOfBBQ and compilers makes magic optimizing your code! You could have problems with the memory management, but if you succeed your program is really optimized.
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