Alright... maybe it's time to call it quits...

NLegs changed the ID structure... The URL is like


Before id was unique... so thats what I have in my DB, the ID column is int. primary key.

Now id by itself is no longer unique...


Actually no.... After changing the code to just pick the next ID (like autonumber) and check uniqueness using the url...

It turns out actually the "new issues" are old.... they just changed which image to show in the front page thumbnails...

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    That's gross I'm offended
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    @Elyz and I'm confused....y?
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    Maybe its weird versoning system? Send the id and date returns the state at that point? Thats the only reason i can think of for doing that.
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    @rooter i didnt eve thought to check out the site untill your comment 😂
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    Yes maybe I shouldn't have posted this.... I guess it's almost like talking about prn sites...
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    I just assumed it would be some site for devs, like a bug tracker. I wouldn't expect URLs to be stable anywhere else.

    EDIT: I would recommend keeping a lookup table with a source URL and id column to be able to trace back how the ID of existing data was derived
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    @donuts I've seen people talk about worse stuff here on DevRant, don't worry.
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    @24th-Dragon nah more like screwing with leeches like me. I rarely visit the site except to make sure nothing is wrong.

    And this cost me 1hr that I could've used to watch movies or sleep...
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