Windows piece of shit mother fucker useless trash.

Why can't I just compile without the dumb ass "Antimalware Service Executable" having to check every single fucking file and eating fucking 4GB ram. God damn it. fiadsfleaf oaiehjf afpo jafj
I start compiling binutils and then the whole thing fucking crashes ad;adsfjhc odshfaj;sdl hfja;odsfh;osa dhif;aosdhfi a;osdihf;skdjnvba; dsjch;soduf;dsao fu;nodjf ;anaod

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    Because you didn't excempt the relevant directories in the virus scanner settings?
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    Just disable realtime scanning
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    Because configure the damn exclusions.
    Any antivirus would behave exactly the same
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    @neeno I did, and it keeps crashing. :(
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    @Bybit260 :(

    Stop using windows then .-.
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    @neeno I'm forced to :< I don't want to void my warranty. Its a 2000 dollar laptop :<
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    @Bybit260 wtf what kind of brand voids your warranty if you choose to install another OS?

    Have you thought about selling your laptop (since it still has warranty you can probably sell it for a good price) and buying another one that doesn't void your warranty if you switch OS? Because damn, if that was the only reason keeping me from switching to linux and I had a few hundred dollars to spare I would for sure get another laptop.
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    Ya'll try to victim blame for not exempting the dirs but have you noticed the "16gb ram" tag?...

    There's no excuse imo, MS fucked up here.
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    @Hazarth Victim? Using Windows 10 means having accepted Microsoft's EULA, and getting fucked with a rusty pole is part of it.
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    @Fast-Nop how dare I suggest we shouldn't get fucked by a rusty pole.

    I see my wrongful ways, thank you kind devranter!

    But yeah, I know It's par of the course now.. still pretty embarrasing for MS to release a virus scanner that crashes on outOfMemory on a 16gb system ^^;
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    @Hazarth It's just that Microsoft finally has understood that security matters: if the virus scanner uses up all memory, there's no memory left for malware to run.
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