What is your wishlist for things that need to die or change next year. Mine is :-
1. Games that use peer to peer and have servers for data. Please buy servers on aws or any good cloud service.

2. ISP's that block all incoming connections for security

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    I cannot legally answer this question.
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    Find a manly boyfriend that doesn’t mind dealing with my complicated bs

    And get any job using my dev skills

    And yes before I die
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    Something that needs to die?
    • Communism. 🤦🏻‍♀️
    • Political corruption
    • Food additives like HFC, BHT, DATEM, etc.

    Something that needs to change?
    • People lacking common sense and basic forethought.
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    Populism & Fascism seems to be a worse problem than communism right now though.

    I'd be happy going back to the 90s of mildly idealist socialist capitalism on the left vs mildly grumpy free market capitalism on the right, when debates between politicians of all sides were boring that at least 50% of the population tuned out and answered "I'm not that interested in politics".

    Oh, and please, if anything has to die it's conspiracy theorists. Just go back to the entertaining & relatively harmless "jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams" memes.

    Now you got retarded lefties claiming 5G spreads Corona and we all need to sniff zinc infused chloroquine smoothies, and retarded righties claiming politicians are deep state lizard pedophiles or whatever.
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    @bittersweet All three need to die, honestly. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But they often come in combo deals so whatever. Here in the States, the fascists (who call themselves anti-fascists, amusingly) are pushing for communism, and actively call themselves communists.

    I haven’t seen a lot of craziness on the right, but I know it exists, too. Claims of pedophilia, water turning the frogs gay, etc. But honestly? I do everything I can to avoid news and politics and all of the crazy. I seriously bought a house and am moving to get away from it.

    I’ve seen lots of “Don’t tread on me” flags in the area. It’s nice. There’s a high amount of libertarians, and honestly they make a lot more sense to me than anyone else. Individual freedoms, small government, fewer regulations and controls, free market, only optional (e.g. sales) taxes, etc.
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