I deleted Instagram and Facebook recently and I realized that "The social Dilemma" is real. Instagram started sending me regular emails which I've never received when I had the app. This explains so much!

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    I reported those as spams and now in good.
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    Deleted that shit back in ‘14 when I realized it was a fuckin’ middle school popularity contest for adults.

    Didn’t even need the mass informational takeover or the crippling of the world’s democracies.
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    Stopped using Facebook a while ago but Instagram creeped into my daily habit. Happy to get rid of these parasites.
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    Welcome to the world of less surveillance and manipulation! Do you (still) use WhatsApp, though?
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    @linuxxx Sadly I don't have a choice. To live in India and not use Whatsapp is like living in stone age.
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    @ayushjn Same in the Netherlands haha, but I said fuck it and haven't used it for 6+ years!
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