What time is 18:00am ?

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    Well I guess it’s not surprising that @superposition was the first to acknowledge this.
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    18 hrs after midnight
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    @frogstair Thats what am stands for? Damn, never thought about the abbreviation.
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    According to some website, the abbreviations a.m. and p.m. derive from Latin:
    • AM = Ante meridiem: Before noon
    • PM = Post meridiem: After noon

    So 18am is 18 hours before noon. Guess maintenance will have been during the previous night? Then again according to this, 11am would mean 11 hours before noon? That simply isn’t right.

    Everything is wrong and nothing makes sense. Let’s drink instead 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    This just seem to be 6pm (18:00h), unless the person who wrote that intentionally mixed both the 12h and 24h systems.
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    @Root maybe we're all just using time wrong? I mean how come we have to adjust it every summer and winter?

    Drinking sounds good. It might solve this.
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    Someone call the Hawkins guy...
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    @Root The ideal scale according to the literal translation would be one that counts down to lunch

    i.e. 12 midnight -> 0 noon -> 12 midnight

    Or countdown to beer, whatever suits your fancy

    As a recent student, I also note that 12am/pm should be the same time. So I never should have missed that 12pm deadline thinking it was 12am midnight...
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    Or just use 24 hour time like a sane person 😁
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    No one has spotted that BST ended at 2am on the 25th October either lol
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    @frogstair does pm stand for pefore midnight then?
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