It gives you the illusion of control. The idea that all problems can be solved and anything can be built. You fool yourself into thinking that you enjoy hunting down the bugs, fixing the errors, and solving the problem. You feel a sense of accomplishment and relief when the things that used to go wrong starts going right, when the concepts you couldn't grasp before become such a small thing that you can explain even when you're asleep.

You feel less alone discussing these concepts with other developers, having a bond or some shit. Having your so called "intellectual conversations". You feel superior over everyone else who can only talk about celebrities and nonsense because to you, you are smart. You understand how things work unlike most people, right? Very special.

The truth is you're bored out of your mind trying to find ways to stimulate your brain, trying to distract yourself from the fact that just like all professions, there is no real purpose in all of this. You get excited over the newest language, tool, whatever. You struggle, study, apply, become proficient, repeat.

Ah, the joys of life.

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    When I feel bad about life and being a programmer, I like to remember how I used to be a night liquor store clerk for fucking $252 a week...

    Brings things... back into perspective.
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    You`re definitely good at describing your thoughts! Nice post
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    You right. Yesterday I ported the whole Binutils to a fictitious architecture. Just for that feeling. It's like cocaine.
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    Amazing read 👌
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    I... uh...

    Wow. Okay.

    That’s basically it.
    Damn. You really did take things into perspective here. No words.

    Good deep thinking though.
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    Good pondering! Luckily I work on stuff that has real purpose.
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    I've still a ton of problems I can't solve !

    Every now and then, when I look back on my life, I can figure out, I could have done that better, if only I knew X !

    But usually, I could only do better if I actually had more resources..

    Since knowing what to do, is often not enough..

    Eg. You might know that a 1Gb table could solve your issue, but your computer only has 1k of RAM..

    Or you might have a 1k RAM computer, and have no idea how to solve your problem !

    And no one else knows, since you ask everyone !

    Google doesn't know..

    And 50 years later in life, you still don't know !

    So, maybe that specific problem, there is no solution..

    I think life for some, has many of those..
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    > there is no real purpose in all of this.

    I thought the purpose of life was to enjoy it ?

    Though, that often requires others..

    And where do you find others ?

    (He says, watching TV alone..)
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    I'm reminded of poverty, and, what can you do to help people get out of poverty.

    Will advice help ?

    Giving them money can help, as long as they spend it on the right things..

    I spent decades in poverty myself, trying to problem solve how to get out of it. (Not as easy as you might think..)

    For example, one tried and tested solution is, getting a job.

    What if you can't get a job..

    I remember weighing 42lb (Yes, lb, not kg!) and I was so weak, so not much use for manual labour work.

    I really want to help the poor and poverty stricken, but just what do you do to help folk ?

    At the moment, I give money to help one person eat, I can do that, but what more can I do ?

    Most, if not all.. of my current projects are designed to try and help the poor and poverty stricken folk..
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    You have good intentions but you can't help everyone, some people have a mindset that keeps them in poverty no matter how many opportunities you give them. There are others who get out of poverty regardless of how little they have.
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    Good analysis, if only it didn't seem tainted with nihilism
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    There are others who get out of poverty regardless of how little they have.


    Don't we call that luck. :-)

    I often reanalysis the past to try and figure out, what could I have done differently at the time.

    Only a few times did I have the resources to action a different change, had I known that a better path existed.

    For folk without resources, is the right knowledge enough, or do they simply need some resources to get started ?

    This is a lesson for would be parents, think about your poor kid !

    Get wealthy first..

    I'm pondering how to make cheap vehicles, but perhaps I should ponder how to make cheap shoes..
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    Capitalism. The good stuff. We are called human resource for a reason.
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