A friendly reminder that Firefox is using Google SafeBrowsing by default. Some of your browsing data may be sent to https:// sb-ssl.google.com/safebrowsing and other Google urls.

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    I wonder if @Root knew that
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    I did not.
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    @Root about:config, search "browser.safebrowsing", you know what to do.
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    Download their database and point firefox to it locally.
    It is a nice addition to security
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    Oh no... the "safest" browser just made oopsie in protecting users from data retrieval?
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    @vintprox they were doing it for ages I think. I see articles about this dated 2019
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    @jespersh or just good old
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    @uyouthe aw man, now I have perplexed trust issues. Of course, maybe cautious and advanced users would be careful before running Firefox without redirection from SafeBrowsing domain, but such patchery only serves to fall short to real privacy, when you know it's in core, duh.
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    "Google Safe Browsing has been a part of Firefox for a very long time"

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    @jespersh oh, you could download it?
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    They also use 'chrome://'. Wtf.

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    Slaughter your sacred cows kiddos.
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    @uyouthe they've been using the chrome name long before google even thought about making a browser. And Googles naming pissed me off for this reason
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    Found this reddit link on @uyouthe 's article, sounds useful.

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    The article reminds me of one of those scare clickbait articles that shows how little its author knows because they weren't around since Firefox 1.x
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    @jespersh chrome:// is deliberate. The real problem here is sending your data. Also consider being less toxic
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    Safe browsing does hash the URL for privacy reasons but they send over a lot of data when the client side tests fail (think it's a new phishing site).

    I genuinely think it is a necessary evil to maintain a blocklist. I've seen it save a few muggles from being screwed.
    It would be better if Mozilla could function as a proxy and that there is a common blocklist collaboration API amongst browser makers/security companies.
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    @hjk101 this should be an explicit opt-in right after install.
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    @hjk101 nothing beats naivety of poor people whenever they go by links from new scammers.
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