I just noticed Facebook's research website (research.fb.com) is based on WP.
Now i can only imagine their technology stack as NKjnwkjecweccnUJb8iuwdjeninwcjw8jiwcenciciUIUC98ICjiCe(CJeicnI*Cncowkch9ECnjckcowcewcNJKjccjkcbccjkwcjckwecjwecnwe##!!@dcwe

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    I stand by that if all you want is to run up a blog and do it in a hurry, WP is a good choice.

    Is it gonna handle a billion trillion user at enterprise level? No.

    Are you going to be hammered by bots trying to brute both your login and plug-ins? Yes... all fucking day.

    But can you run a blog in 4 hours including environment set-up, git, push to production, and launch? Yes. And there's a fuckton of themes so you don't even have to do that shit.

    Like yeah, it's a copout and old tech and bloated... and even worse based on PHP... but fuck man, there's a reason there are like 400 million wordpress sites.

    It's might be bloated and ugly and full of bugs, but it's also fast and easy.

    Just like my women.
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