Working on someone else’s React project is a nightmare especially when they don’t know how to write good JSX code ( which most people don’t )

I honestly am looking forward to when Svelte takes over the frontend world

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    I've never seen what I would consider to be good code in JSX. It's all mixed concerns, low reuse and bodge wiring by design.
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    @SortOfTested Haha, you summed up the codebase because of which i wrote this rant 🤣
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    I'm curious to see what "jsx good code" is
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    It’ll always be like that with every technology

    It used to be “i hate bad unorganized jquery code, cant wait when everyone moves to react/angular”

    People will always find a way to fuck up code organization or pretty much anything else code related

    I tell all of my mentees that the best skill you can obtain as a developer isn’t a technology/pattern/language but digging through other peoples code
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    It's php sibling... What do you expect?
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