Fuck me. I lack motivation to work. Absolutely no will to be productive at all.

I keep slacking off work and cannot deliver unless I have due dates.

I am spending more and more time on Socials switching tabs and doing absolutely nothing.

This has become a serious issue to the extent where if I get more than 2 tasks, I just stress out so much that it affects my physical state.

Any ideas on how to get out of this procrastination cycle?

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    I’m watching this post for helpful advice... mine would be: just make super small goals at first, then try to make them a regular routine. Then make the goals a little bigger - repeat till you are happy? Hell, the first goal could be as small as drink more water while you procrastinate! Then look at doing a ‘Hello World’ in a code you’ve never used before...
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    I'd usually spare that time for writing about my hobby project or trick. Like, on DEV.to or Substack.
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    It's been something I have been putting off dealing with for a while.

    Ha ha joke aside, I know what you mean. The tiny tiny task technique is the only way I get through periods like this.
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    Take a break go out enjoy have fun heh
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    depends on the issue, if it's burnout you need to take some time off

    if its addiction to social media, just stop using them, I mean complete blackout... the day I stopped using youtube my productivity improved by a lot

    and if its stress, you need to learn how to manage it better, and do things ahead of time. the issue with stress is that the more stressed you get, the less you do, and the less you do the more stressed you get... so if that's your issue, force yourself to work on a thing ASAP and get it done... and then enjoy some extra time until due date
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    I would like to know as well.
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    Quit the social.

    All of it.

    Ok, keep DevRant and your GitHub.

    But delete all the rest of it.

    My life is better without insta and FB and Twitter, and my lack of LinkedIn hasn’t impacted my job prospects.
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    It’s like you read my mind. This rant is me, me is this rant!
    What is the solution really?
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    And I thought I was the only one..
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi even devrant is addictive
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    I have been fighting with this for so long, and only recently started to win. What worked for me was :

    - playstore app called app usage. Shows a floating "timespend for each app, gives multiple notifications if an app is used for more than 30 mins( or whatever time you set) or the whole device is used for 4 hours (or whatever time you set). I set those times for each app on mh phone

    - removal of addictive elements : i would observe which app dared to give me any shit notification and i would disable its notification. Now only whatsapp is my point of contact, fuck social media and zomato notifs. Also, whatsapp green dot on the stories tab is super intriguing. disable everyone's stories and you would see you rarely ever need to open whatsapp

    - go out atleast once, and have atleast 1 hour of day without any electrical equipment.

    Every app , video and notif want us to click them so they earn. And sadly human brain is a very simple puppet to get swayed by them
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    @feynman this is what usually helps me gain the momentum. Slowly I build up and then in the flow complete the task.

    @vintprox not sure how that'll help but I do my projects during weekends or whenever I find enough time to complete the pending tasks on that front.

    @halfflat yes, that momentum building is important.

    @Hazarth it's not burnout and my burnouts are caused by pending tasks. Once I complete them If feel great. Or maybe that's stress and this mood is my body's psychological response to burnouts maybe.

    However, it's definitely not Socials. I have great control over it. I am fully aware of my time spent there. I go there because I have nothing better to do. It's just I don't feel like working. I get bored. The work is crap, people are crap, process is crap. There's no job satisfaction and challenge tbh.

    @HiFiWiFiSciFi I don't use any socials and I have great control over them. Well glad it worked for you but not necessarily it'll work for everyone. Things are subjective.
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    @TBot @silkfire @iiii glad I am not alone. Lol

    @yowhatthefuck Social is not an issue as explained in above comment. It's just that I am bored. When I find interesting work, I get deeply involved and forget everything and don't care about FoMo as well.

    I just don't find work interesting enough to stay focused maybe because the way things are happening. It takes ton of efforts to stay concentrated.

    However, I agree that lockdown is one of the reasons I can think of. Haven't stepped out for like 2 months. I badly need to socialise. I need to start going for walks.
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    Digital Detox, take a hike.
    Meditation might help as well.
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    I need answers too, I just switch from intention to task & then look up something try to code something else look up something else in order to know where this other thing goes and my brain betraying me & giving up.
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    The first thing I would do if I were you is ask yourself: if you were motivated, what could you realistically achieve. If that answer is a bit of a let-down, then there's your answer; find yourself something that is worth being motivated for.
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    @gibus you know what, mate? It's darn inspirational.
    I need to carve these words 👍
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    @gibus what if I have zero motivation?
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    @gibus - that, my good man, is an excellent concept. I salute you.
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    @iiii Maybe 2021 will be better?
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    @gibus (X) - Doubt
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