Are there any online courses / University Certifications / Books or similar things that talk about Software Architecture?

I am reading Clean Architecture from Robert C. Martin but I'd appreciate other suggestions.

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    Clean architecture is beyond overrated, the good stuff will be obvious after any small amount of experience, the rest is self-congratulatory opinion from a man who worked for a single company most of his career and then created a road show where he took credit for the work of Kent Beck and Jeff Sutherland. He's also an OOP supremacist and lacks objectivity.

    That out of the way

    - code complete 2e
    - everything by martin fowler
    - domain-driven design
    - Service-oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology, and Design

    And of course none of that until you're well past the point of having achieved some level of mastery in computer science.
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    Uncle bob is wrong and bad for your mindset
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    Just Enough Software Architecture by George Fairbanks
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    @uyouthe Really? How so?
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    Uncle Bob is primarily interested in selling you first on his ideas, then on his services.

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    I had no idea uncle bob was like that. I'm appalled.
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    @SortOfTested damn clean code was one of the first software books I've ever read.. I'm really disappointed :(
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