Snippet of an overheard conversation today:

"LOL maths beyond basic arithmetic is so dumb. No-one needs pythagoras, trig, calculus or any of that crap unless they have some unholy desire to find the geometric properties of their sandwich."

"What do you want to do when you leave school then?"

"Something to do with AI. That stuff is really cool."


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    This is why I always carry a plastic bag and industrial zipties
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    @SortOfTested ... for sandwiches?
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    You gotta put the bullshit somewhere
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    Well, I gotta say I never needed calculus.
    Never really understood it either.
    However, trigonometry, Vector arithmetic and probability are fairly interesting and easy.
    At least to the degree I learned it.
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    Interesting. Limit theory is what I use most often. Derivatives to a lesser extent. I also tend to think about the functions I write in terms category theory terms.

    You don't have to do it that way, but it's how our CS program leaned.
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    I'm reminded when I was in maths class, I wanted to know how to do square roots, but the teacher told us they don't teach that anymore, just press a button on the calculator, and asked me why did I want to know how to do it manually ?

    I replied, that someone has to code that button on the calculator..

    Somewhat related link:

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    The whole sentence is amazing. Usage of beyond. Listing off multiple examples. An unholy desire to find the geometric properties of a sandwich.

    Do you know who talks like that? Me! When I have time to write a response. And you overheard that? Whoever said that must have high linguistic intelligence.

    Was it a woman? Women are more likely on average to have high mathematical abilities when possessing a high linguistic intelligence. So AI might not be too far off. In men, it is more common that those traits are negatively correlated.
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    @TheCommoner282 Two guys talking. Not sure beyond that, but the "unholy desire" stood out.
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    @TheCommoner282 Slow down, Sherlock
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    I think they are born with innate maths skills, since they can always figure out which guy is worth more than another in the blink of an eye !
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    I guess there might be some dev jobs where you don't need any of those.
    Maybe backend stuff.
    But for frontend I think you will need pythagoras and trig at some point.

    By the way, is algebra considered beyond basic arithmetic?
    I think it would be hard to avoid, too.
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