I think I like teaching.

Today I was helping out a friend with an algorithm for an assignment because he had no idea how to do it (we're on the second semester). You could see that we was completely lost, without a clue on what to do. So I showed him how to think about programming, how to figure out the problem and the solution before going to the code. I was so goddam happy when I saw he understood it. At the start I was guiding him heavily, but towards the end I'd just loosely describe what he had to do (and, of course, explain why) and he'd know how to do it. It just made me so fucking happy and so fucking proud of him, I was dancing on my chair, you guys have no idea. He went from 0 to 60 in 2 hours, I could teach him what the teacher couldn't.

I college I'm kinda explaining a lot of stuff (mostly programming and calculus) to my friends, even to classmates I don't know (I made a few friends this way) and I fucking love it. Seeing people completely lost, shining a light on them and seeing them fly, it's fucking awesome. Idk it's just very fulfilling.

Not sure I'd like all other responsibilities that come with being a teacher, but teaching in of itself is **g r e a t**, definitely a career path I'm considering.

Today was a good day :)

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    Sometimes when teachers start introducing a new topic I go ahead and learn it before all of my friends so I can explain to them, because I have a feeling none of them will understand. That actually pushes me to study more than I would if I were just studying for myself. Idk, maybe I like the feeling of being "the smart guy"? Or I just want to be useful? No idea, but I like it :)
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    Teaching feels good only if you teach those who are willing to learn, If you become teacher you will see all kinds of students that will make you question your decision to become a teacher.
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    @theabbie Good point.
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    choose your company wisely.. if the culture is bad then trust me you'll dread working.. you'll hate every minute of it.. you'll lose all this passion.. i couldn't stress this enough
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    @linus-torvald sorry, but what does this have to do with my rant? Perhaps you commented on the wrong rant? Or am I dumb?
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    @neeno i used to be just like you when i was studying or explaining stuff like this to my friends.. i lost all my passion due the fucking work culture in my company.. just giving my 2 cents
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    Oh, that sucks man :( can't you quit and look for another job?
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    @neeno yeah I've applied for a very nice company.. I've cleared all the rounds and waiting for the call.. finger's crossed 🤞🏻
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    @linus-torvald nice, good luck! I hope you get your passion back soon!
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    Somehow, I feel addicted to teach JavaScript and problem solving, there were times when I was unstoppable and it looked kinda weird, you may say that 😜
    Glad that you found this spark within yourself 😎🔥
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    Teaching young devs is the best part of dev culture. But be wary, not all companies have good dev culture. Some twats will react badly if you try to teach them shit.
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    I had been making a living out of private programming lessons for years, so I can totally relate! Too bad the covid situation makes it unfeasible at the moment...
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    You are in the at-risk group of becoming a TA. Tread carefully
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    @tadaoisgod yeah here I'd have to be a researcher in order to be a teacher :T but there's also private programming schools, mostly for kids. So it's an option, not the best but better than nothing
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