Hey I got 30 ++ for a rant and I have never claimed stickers before. So what should I do to claim them?? Please help

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    They stopped offering them, sorry
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    ur too late for the game
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    Try for 750++
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    Invent a time machine!
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    I think I'm one of the few that has the chance from long ago but decided to financially don't bother the makers of devRant, one less expense to ship to Italy for @dfox 😏
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    If you are from India then Forget about it anyway. Dfox tried sending me twice back then when it was being offered , but they never reached me , due to shitty indian postals
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    They're from Sri Lanka
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    @SortOfTested Indian post is really bad. Half my mail there gets sent back. EDIT: I get it, OP is from Sri Lanka, thought the stickers come from there, my bad!
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    I claimed the stickers 3 years ago. Still never got them.
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