Damn, AWS really need to hire some decent UX people. Not sure what's with this latest change, but it feels like a massive step backwards.

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    Are you talking about how they stuck favorites in a submenu so you now require two clicks to get somewhere instead of one? Or is there some other shitty UX change that I'm unaware of? They've made many questionable changes in the past couple years.
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    They focus where they should: the cli and sdk
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    @EmberQuill Yeah that sucked, but was a while ago. Today's change seems to be with the S3 navigation and upload - uploading in particular now seems to require scrolling through a big form rather than skipping most of the irrelevant stuff on the first step as you could before.
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    @SortOfTested In fairness I'd far sooner they were up to scratch - I use them far more often. But sometimes it's more convenient (usually) just to pop in and do something with the UI - and I wish they either actually improved it, or just left it alone so my muscle memory could take over.
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    @SortOfTested Don't they have different teams for that? UI team should start pulling their weight.
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    No, all teams at AWS operate as independent product teams, per product; they're responsible for the whole offering. Each member of the team works on call duty on rotation, and has to be capable of fixing problems at every level of the system. They only hire highly capable engineers.

    Having different teams for each part of the application is an enterprise bureaucratic practice. Were an AWS team to be subject to that form of siloing, it wouldn't reduce time to delivery and create artificial communication barriers. The latter effect usually results in a lower quality product.

    AWS is also an infrastructure and SaaS product. Having a shiny modern UI provides little value to high volume costumers (read: those that matter). Every decision at AWS has to be backed with data. Jeff is known to personally fire people who can't provide that data if shit hits the fan.
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    @SortOfTested As an employee of one of those high-volume customers, while I definitely use mostly cli-based tools and third-party libraries to interact with AWS, I'd still appreciate a decent UI. Sometimes it's easier to check the UI than it is to assemble a long cli command with multiple filters and queries.
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    Send a message to jeff@amazon.com. It works more often than you think; there will be fire rained down on people and they will be held to present their data to justify the current prioritization.
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    It makes my devops strategy better because I end up automating all my interactions with AWS so I don't have to use the web portal :)
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    They had UX Devs, they are at fulfilment center. Because as long as I can remember, not just AWS but Amazon itself has a ugliest UI.
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