"damn bro, you made that? how can i get into coding?"

shut the fuck up. you can get into programming like anyone who wants to can. by googling how to code. it's not the question itself that bothers me, it's the fact that if you actually wanted to code so bad, you already would've googled it. stop projecting your lack of passion on me.

this is most common with programming, but it happens so often with so many other things.

if you want to learn about biology and chemistry, there's free courses online and papers from nih.

if you want to learn about forsenics read a book about it and read about cases and how they were solved.

i could go on and on. the internet gives you access to so much that if you actually wanted to learn something, you would've already have.

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    I don't wanna detract from your rant or anything, but I feel its kind of fun teaching other people how to code. I'm thankful for all the people who have helped my dumbass, so I feel like I gotta pay it forward whenever I can. Plus, learning directly from another person is definitely the easiest way to learn things. Also, it's kinda amusing to see their bugs that you have figured out a long long time ago haha.
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    Pretty common with art, writing, and other creative pursuits too. I'm a developer who also writes as a hobby so I get that from two angles.

    "You want to get into it? Then get into it. There is literally nothing stopping you other than yourself."
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    I can kinda sympathize with people asking how to start, shit ain't easy, especially with the internet being saturated with medium-tier trash information shovelled out constantly, with so many different people giving conflicting advice and no ability to tell what's good and what's shit.

    I'm also personally prone to analysis paralysis, even if the right decision is to just dive in, sometimes you need an external reason to do it. Hackathons, open-source projects, game jams, whatever it takes to eliminate all the decisions that we don't know how to make like what language or framework to use when we have experience in none.

    And as @phat-lasagna said, I also owe a lot to the people who helped me with some of the basics when I was just starting out.
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