Client demo today..
Did lots of configuration stuff in this sprint and when talking through it I confuse even myself.. so many things that were done for one specific goal..
They will be confused during the whole demo, only in the last 2 min it will start to make any sense - when all the pieces come together.

It’ll be fun..

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    I hope they ask questions to let them know that it’s not all just random changes 😅
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    Doesn't sound like it'll go good
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    Open right up with: “this will be confusing, please hold questions until I get through this. Hopefully I’ll address most of your questions as we go”

    Then try to frame each feature change as a response to one of their problems like “you needed x and that’s why we changed y”.

    Good luck.
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    @myss it went ok. I think it somehow made sense.
    I was probably just overthinking it..
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