I took the effort to apply for a frontend/angular position. I don’t have much experience in Angular (although its just javascript) but i’d like to learn further... i got a mail back that i didn’t send them a motivation. No true i applied at 50+ companies in the last months and writing a custom motivation is just too much of a hassle.

I sended them the standard; i have this and this experience and looking for such and such.

I got a call. Yay, almost a week after the application but i cannot complain can i?

During the call the person of this company was very hesitant. He wasnt looking for someone right now. Wanted to take his time and wanted more of a medior developer. (Tnx buddy for underestimating me already)

Yeah if i can send over some code before we talk further. Sure i’ll send over my GitHub but if you are this hesitant already i know enough and i don’t want to work at your company because you clearly don’t want to hire me.

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