Why do people complain when you try and help them ?

I remember in my last job, folk started going all whinny when I made their life easier by reducing the amount of work they had to do.

And now, I notice again, you try and help folk, and they just complain and hate you for it !

Why is that ?

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    I notice also, the mob effect tends to get trigged as well.

    So folk who 5 minutes ago was quite calm and sensible, suddenly jump on the 'hate you' bandwagon.

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    @Nanos Abstract example?
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    People are lazy.

    They don’t like change because it takes mental effort, and they don’t want to work. Understanding and getting used to the change is work, and it allows them to be more productive (instead of just going through the motions), which means more work.

    All of this means they’re upset at you, even though you are helping.
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    @Root What she said.

    Plus many people seem to think that it's their code and any form of change or comment is an direct insult...

    Devs should never do that.
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    @IntrusionCM lol, I asked my lead about some code and its purpose. He told me: the dev that died wrote that, i dunno what it does. I tell him I want to fix code, he says: okay. He writes tons of code. He just wants it to work.
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    @Demolishun be happy.

    More often than I liked people were completely nuts...

    Best is when they start discussion, then go radio silence and try to "sit it out".

    ... Yeah. I will completely forget that you pissed me of and wasted my time. Totally.

    *rolls eyes*
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    Today's straw is giving advice and encouraging debate about covid-19, in an effort to save folks lives.

    But no, some folk would rather complain about me and call things 'fake new' when I point out there is a milk shortage. ( No milk here this week.. trying to order some off Ebay 1,000+ miles away. )

    Which of course, is a trigger term for everyone else to jump on the bandwagon, rather than have a rational debate about the issue and share their own experiences from different parts of the country, so a bigger picture can be drawn.

    Since there is almost a total blackout of news in the country, its hard to find out anything without talking to real people.
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    @Nanos yeah, people will kill the messenger.
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    Fucking folk
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    Folk are whinny as it is, if you help them they will simply find something else to complain about
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    People are stupid twats.
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    Kinda glad its not just me then.

    This place is a breath of fresh air in that regard !
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    It's most likely because you give them solutions instead of showing them the possibilities and allowing them to find solution themselves
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    They was mostly incapable of finding the solutions themselves, eg. they don't have the intelligence to see links between items that I can.

    For experimental purposes some groups I've joined, I haven't given my input to their problems and seen what effect it has, compared to groups that I have joined. (I'm joined to several thousand groups.)

    Rarely to I bump into such individuals who can see things like me, as such, when I do, we often become friends. :-)

    They too, suffer the same issue with folk.

    It is like watching people drown, when all you have to do is reach out and give them your hand, and instead, they slap you in the face, and say how dare you try and save them, as they disappear beneath the waves..

    Usually after calling you all the names under the sun.
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    Well I know one reason I get angry if someone helps me, is that they say "do this not this".

    Same as saying "use bash not zsh".

    As you can see that don't help at all, ever, just personal preference.

    Good comments and good reasoning, I understand.
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    I tend to help more along the lines of when everyone is standing around and thirsty, and no one has a clue about how to dig a well.

    On a good day, I'll dig the well myself.

    Then folk complain and say they wanted Gatorade instead..

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    @amatrelan @PaszaVonPomiot

    Then ask.

    Simple as that. No one can read your mind.

    There's no reason to get whinny or start complaining.

    Just ask friendly. People might start being friendly then, too.
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    @IntrusionCM No I didn't meant I have got that kinda help/feedback, usually it's me who give feedback.

    And no, don't even bother to give feedback/help if you can't give good reasoning in first place, giving useless feedback is just waste of your and others time.
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    "They was mostly incapable of finding the solutions themselves, eg. they don't have the intelligence to see links between items that I can."

    Damn. Nanos getting sassy and I like it. :D
    Some people don't want to hear that there are solutions to their problems because it's so much easier to accept their "fate", blame the universe, and it takes less effort to stagnate and not grow. The next time they slap you in the face, slap them with a canoe.
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    I was gonna make a joke about how immigrants are "only trying to help" the ungrateful non-migrants
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