I've lost all my fucks, I gave them all away!

I'm so over everything today! I have an interview on Monday and I'm always super anxious not matter what it is. I hate caring so much about crap nobody gives any actual fucks about!
I'm tired of caring about crap, being a single parent looking for a job for so long now and dealing with all my responsibilities is BS

I'm sick and tired of everything today!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sending some 💜💜 towards you although I feel the same before an interview.
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    @ayushjn thank you! It helps to know I’m not the only one
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    You got this, do not worry!
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    @F1973 so that’s why everything hurts!! Thank you for the reminder

    @Elyz Thank you! 😊
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    @F1973 I meant reminder that we’re all human & that it’s normal to feel stressed just try & manage it I meant that as a good thing ☺️
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    @F1973 ?
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