Random guy messages me on WhatsApp that he needs help, that his friend told him I'm good at blah blah blah.........

the issue: he paid for some random php bitcoin thingy blah blah, sent me a link to the site, pretty straightforward instructions on how to use it. I explained everything to him and he says he wants to tweak the php script before he puts it out.
me: then do it

him: how do I start?

me(in my head): did you not think of this before paying for the script?!

also me: oh well, download xampp, good for beginners, easy to setup.

him: not working! please help me

I knew from the onset that he was a windows user.

he started by running it without admin privileges
I had no idea and kept solving problems that didn't exist until I asked him to snap the log, after explaining how to run a software as administrator, we Solved it

port 80 was taken. had to go through the process of changing the ports, I had to validate every single change.

going through the procedure of reinstalling because he installed to some crappy directory. after all the headaches and then redoing all the processes stated above, it still doesn't work.

one final solution left and I am dropping him like a hot potato. I must have close to a hundred pictures of someone's screen on my phone.

little question: when he types localhost on his browser windows IIS page thingy pops up. I was thinking of changing the server name to localserver: new port address

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    If you can’t get XAMP working... you could install PHP to Windows and just run your script on IIS.

    It’s a fucking abomination... but it’d probably work.

    Side note: LMAO at the idea of some script kiddie BUYING a PHP script and then unable to get it to run with fucking even xamp. LOL

    Tell that guy to fuck off... what’s he gonna do? Hack you?
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    Seriously just tell him to fuck off
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    What is a php Bitcoin thingie?
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    @Root just 400 more points to go
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    @lopu I fucking love Elon. 😂
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    Why not just install PHP, point to script directory in PATH, and just "php -S localhost:8000"
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