Hello everyone ;)
i'm 19 yo and in past 3 years i tried to be a front-end developer and every time i start to learn, after few weeks i just give up. i feel so dumb and lazy and i don't like that and i decided to change my mind and my life. but sometimes i ask to myself "really do i want to be a programmer?! maybe i'm dumb for these kinda jobs"

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    What are the reasons you give up?
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    @Jumpshot44 that was not like a giving up you know. for example i created a website in 10 or 15 days and i told myself "yes!! you did something" and i was feeling good and i forgot how waste of time and laziness feel bad so after a while i feel that way again because i didn't work. i know it's so dumb but in that time my mind worked like that
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    @mhzrerfani did you try it alll on your alone or with a friend? You know in the beginning it can be very frustrating doing something and not getting a reward. Learning together helps. Google what motivates people and apply that to your learning process.
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    @mhzrerfani if you enjoy it and want to be successful keep moving forward. We have all become frustrated at some point so you are not alone. I have been a technologist for many decades and enjoy it as much today as my first day. My work is my play. So I have never worked a day in my life and it has been very rewarding play. So, if you love tech find your niche and never never give up. Good luck to you!
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    It can be overwhelming at first. There's so much going on with the whole ecosystem of things and you can't remember every single thing, but once you get a grip, you'll be able to just figure things out by intuition.
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    The most important part, I guess, is how much you enjoy your time learning new things. Coding is fun, and learning how to think like a programmer is awesome. But as a beginner, this might be not so obvious.

    So some push forward can help a lot; Like taking some courses or asking a friend to help you. But remember that the single most necessary skill that any programmer must learn is "how to learn": That is, how to find the required resources for anything you want to learn, how to read what you need, how to find your mistakes and where ever you got stuck, how to just ask the correct people for help.

    That's something you'll master only through practice; there's no one who can teach you "how to learn". No courses, no shortcuts. Just do it and don't give up! And after that, you can be a lone ranger in the internets and survive on your own! Commuting between documentations and stackoverflow. 😊

    تازه بچه تهران هم هستی، خودش صد امتیاز داره 😉
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    @beleg عهه سلاااام مرسی بابت توصیه هات
    باید سعیمو کنم تلف کردن وقت رو به حداقل برسونم
    XD اگه دوتا۲ و یوتیوب گردی بزاره
    صرفا باید برنامه ریزی بهتری داشته باشم و بچسبم بهش
    بازم خیلی خیلی ممنون
    خیلی انرژی دادی
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    @Jumpshot44 What a perfect mindset!!!
    thanks and i wish you the best things ;D
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    @heyheni thank you for your solution
    yeah that's right. i should find a co-learner. it's gonna be fun i think
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    البته همه از این جور وقت تلف کردن‌ها دارن. من خودم بدتر از همه‌ام. 😊 ولی همیشه می‌شه یاد گرفت. من مثلاً با
    وقتی آشنا شدم می‌خواستم برای وارکرفت ۳ مپ بسازم.
    درواقع به نظر من اصلا نمی‌شه برنامه‌ریزی دقیق و معینی داشت و بهش پایبند موند. همیشه آخرش یه مقدار معینی وقت تلف می‌شه. ولی خوبه که ذهن آدم حتی خارج از برنامه‌ی اصلی‌اش هم آماده‌ی یادگیری باشه.
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    Fam I thought someone hacked my account. Sounded like me
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    @beleg اره حق باتوئه
    بازهم اگه توصیه دیگه ای داشتی حتما بهم بگو دوست دارم از تجربیاتت استفاده کنم
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    One of the things which is very import in this line of work is not giving up when you get stuck!

    It can be extremely dreading and annoying, but it's worth it in the end.

    When learning MongoDB I got stuck (and I still only know the basics) so many times, but now I got the basics and man... it really helps me a lot!

    Also with pentesting (ethical hacking, I'm a cybersecurity engineer), I have to just keep going failure after failure but in the end it's all worth it :)
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