They want another interview 🙄 This is like the 5th one! You’re not amazon wtf

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    And they will give you low income later, these guys just need to be destroyed already
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    My current employer interviewed me like six times. 🙄
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    Amazon does max 3, for the record.
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    Hmm I think I was lucky, I was only interviewed once (only my boss) and not even hr interview 🤔
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    I wonder what they learned from the 6th interview that they didn't know by the 5th ?
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    I'm reminded of someone I knew whose job interview went like this:

    "What religion are you ?"


    "Your hired !"
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    Wholly illegal here, thankfully. Still happens, but they can't be blatant about it.
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    Same here !

    Meanwhile, a guy of a certain religion I know, tried to put an advert in a newspaper advertising for staff for a particular day of the week who wasn't religion xxxxxx, and got into so much hot water for it, and it was his religion !

    He said, I run a 24/7 company, I gotta have staff there all the time.
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    As a student, I am so not looking forward to this bologna. I've done 3 internships so far and none of them required that much interview gunk besides, "how did you build X project from your github page?"
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    I've been doing it wrong my entire career. The fact that people have to endure 3, 4 even 6 interviews amazes me.

    1 interview, maybe 1 with upper management and the process is over.
    Everyone has more then enough to weed out if your capable or not, plus that 6 months probation goes along way if you're not.
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    I remembered that on my last interview on a startup, they asked me why I grew my beards... I were unemployed dammit, can't you see?!
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    I remember an interview for one internship was very simple:

    Question "Can you cycle 100 miles a day ?"

    Answer "Yes !"

    "Your hired !"

    Or rather, you can work for us for 6 months and if you are good enough @ the end of that, we'll hire you on an entry level salary of $50k...

    Now, at only being able to cycle 50 miles at best, that is when I started to build my own electric bike..
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