Checking out Meteor JS in 2020 after a loooong time in which I ignored it. I participated in the community when it barely startted, liked a couple of things, was effy about some others.

Built a semi large app (custom user auth through ldap, multiple forms and data fetches on different components inside of each page, reporting bla bla bla.

Did it first in just Meteor and Blaze (pretty easy to digest) and then with Meteor and Svelte (still easy to digest, but Blaze was simpler imho) and both packages totalled less than 100mb which is somewhat amazing considering how node is with packages.It might be a good time to psy attention once more to meteor.

I based much of my shit in the now free Discover Meteor book, there aren't that many breaking changes, which makes it surprisingly stable as an application for development.

I don't know if i would use it for s large scale app, but thus far it seems fairly promising as compared to how it was years ago.

Definitely something to keep in mind for 2020-21 development

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    huh i thought meteor was dead after they shifted to developing apollo graph ql in 2017. As there is no need for that client side mongo db anymore?
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    I like meteor for battery included like auth and most importantly the pub/sub feature.
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    @heyheni focus changed then from the MDG into Apollo, now it is easy to integrate graphql workflows with meteor. I originally took it as them focusing workforce shift into one area to later integrate into the Meteor stack since it was in itself pretty stable already. Current builds allow you to select apps with saner defaults (automatic deletion of autopublish etc)

    I am honestly impressed with the stack. Currently fucking with blaze the most since I want to maybe introduce it to my employees without teaching them a frontend framework, blaze provides the path of least resistance
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    @volttide that is my favorite portion, but also how easy it is to digest and how clear the docs are. Blaze I like, but i am also messing with React and Svelte for the frontend and I honestly like what i am seeing
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    @AleCx04 what I don't like by using it with svelte is, the last time I tried, I always failed to installed svelte libraries even when I save them as dev dependency.
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