Everytime someone says stakeholder I picture a rich fat guy in a suit, hugging a giant human-sized steak with tears in his eyes whispering "Oh steak, I love you so much, I will forever hold you in my arms", dancing a little waltz around his room while his cheeks and dress shirt get drenched with the exquisite richness of a good pan sauce.

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    This is consistent with my experience with stakeholders.
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    Now I'm hungry
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    @blindXfish no need for holy war.
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    @blindXfish hm is steak smashed or decomposing?
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    What if instead of a steak it’s in fact a stake?
    Maybe they are guarding against vampires & they are the designated holder of this weapon?

    Ok that was dumb IK
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    @blindXfish Who said it was animal steak?

    The human meat of my enemies will taste amazing, grilled slowly with some mushrooms in butter. Human made butter... Nothing like curdled breastmilk.
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    @bittersweet human meat might actually be pretty good and more easily digestible because of proteins being similar. But don't touch the liver and brains, it's probably poisonous.
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    @iiii I kinda can think of why not to eat human liver but why not the brain?
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    @Lensflare prions. Will eat your own brain pretty quickly. It's somewhat of protein infection.
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    I imagine guys in suits holding stakes and having garlic in their pockets like some kind of fat vampire slayers and of course devs are vampires.

    Those devs who can't stand their shit anymore just leave with life long consequences of having gagging reflex every time when they smell garlic, but not because of garlic itself, it is memory of the stakeholders that is making them want to puke!
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    @bittersweet i will forever remember "Curdled Breastmilk" thanks lmao
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    @devJs but... garlic is nice...
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