I was thinking about the things I do or do not, at the time when an action has to be taken. There are certain things that

1.) i would never do, probably because i am taught by society /culture as inappropriate,

2.) things that i don't want to do (which again I/the values i got from society/family/culture find wrong) yet end up doing, and

3.) the things that i intentionally do as a decision taken by me based on my knowledge of right /wrong/correct/incorrect.

The first and third case could be called as morals being correctly followed, but the tendency to fall into 2nd category is where my weakness would show.
for eg, killing someone in any situation would never be my action, because that's my moral, but lying in a situation is something that i could deviate to, and that's my weakness.

So why do we fall in the 2nd category? why do we become weak at following the morals? how do you face your decisions ? is there a way to never fall into the 2nd category i.e doing something that you know is wrong?

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    Because of our intrinsic sociality. We have to be in a group and do stuff that group demands from us. Basically peer pressure.
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