I've switched to vertical

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    Do you like it?
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    @dfox yes, its actually really great.

    If the code you work with follows generally short line standards (I don't let it get past 80 chars), it will all fit perfectly. Plus, you can stack things, like a terminal, even some dev tools along with my IDE/text editor and still feel like you have elbow room. I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot.
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    @kyleperik you can fit more Mo motors on your desk as well with vertical.

    I switch a while ago, never turned back.
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    I need to try this. But I'm not sure I'd like it, I usually show 3 files at the same time on my 1920x1200, fits 100 chars per window. I suppose you could split so that the files are shown on top of each other... But 1200 width would be ineffective, and splitting would only be 600 width, less than a third of 1920 as I have today... Mmm...
    It might fit your use case better than mine because you have many buttons and bars that eat up your screen real estate, especially vertically.
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    I switched to vertical a month ago. It really does help. And yes if you need to split the windows, just split them horizontally not vertically
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    @unietis so split in two means 960 high and 1200 wide. Don't you think the opposite is better, especially if you have short enough lines?
    It depends on your UI, if you have bars and buttons and compile buffers like OP it might make sense. As for me, I only show files, no bars, not even window title bar, so higher than wide makes more sense.
    That's what OP does with portrait: code window higher than wide. Makes sense (until you split buffer).
    Would be nice for pdf though.
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    I get realy annoyed by the speakers
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    @hourd hehe, never "turned back" :D
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    I turned my 3rd vertical about a month ago. Lovin it.
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    @hourd the problem is, I'm plugging in straight from my laptop. I had a desktop computer before this, but it was really old and I hardly used it for anything but music anyway.
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