When my colleagues report an issue, I ignore them for 15 minutes. If I don't receive a "my bad" within that timeframe, that's when I actually look into the issue.

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    I do the same thing.

    ... except I wait a day.
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    Haha! I’m sure you’ve saved a lot of time since adopting that approach!
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    Ngl I was guilty of this but I now apply the 15 minute rule on myself so maybe on the time urgent fixes I'll make it clear to whoever I'm reaching out to please don't do that buffer time. Idk.
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    Wow, this was enlightening. This actually saves a lot of time. I remember now, I went for a break, when qa pinged me saying there's an issue, but after I came back from break, I saw another ping, it was not an issue, just a misunderstanding.

    Will follow this advice. :)
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    Lmao this is me especially when I first describe the issue in detail
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