Holy shit.

I went to uninstall Adobe Acrobat because our organization uses another PDF reader and now I keep getting annoying pop-ups from Adobe like "update failed" and "license expired".


We talk about Video games being bloated today but HOLY FUCK. This is literally JUST A PDF READER WHAT THE FUCK.

Can't do screenshot cus work PC.

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    It says that it downloads 3X size after each update, maybe, uninstall and just download latest version. That would still take around 3.5 GB, They say it's a bulky application with lots of features.

    Source: https://community.adobe.com/t5/...
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    @theabbie Yeah I'm sure this PDF reader has plenty of reason to take up three and a half BILLION bytes of storage.

    Adobe can suck my cock.
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    @theabbie reinstalling every time is not a solution and also this is a garbage product because technical you cannot do anything with it apart from view PDFs.

    Every other great feature is behind their super expensive pay wall.
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    @F1973 There's is no need to have a seperate PDF reader, even browsers can do that nowadays. Only if someone has to do a lot of PDF work. Adobe is known for making money out of there software, can't blame them, they have been like that forever.
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    @AlgoRythm You have an open opportunity, make a super lightweight Free and open-source PDF reader (and editor if possible).
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    @theabbie most of their softwares are really good and extensive.

    I'd even say value to money. But Acrobat reader is just heavy bloated garbage.
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    @F1973 This might answer things.


    It has lot more features (though paid), there are better options like Foxit reader if you just want a reader.
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    @theabbie exactly my point.

    If we want a reader we can use browser or any other reader.

    Having so many features and yet:
    1. Marketing the product as PDF reader
    2. Not making those features user friendly/creating awareness
    3. Putting everything behind paywall

    For above mentioned reasons, that product is huge pile of shit and shouldn't even exist.

    Good point though, my uninstall it first thing on both my machines.
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    @theabbie I can create and edit pdfs in libreoffice.
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    @Demolishun You should, Paid software is for those who pay.
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    @theabbie I think it is hilarious that the libreoffice download is < 500MB. While adobe does one thing and its size on disk is 7GB. Libreoffice does so much more than just pdfs.
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    @Demolishun And adobe acrobat Reader is so much more than just PDFs, it has so many features that won't be used by normal people. It's for marketing companies. If you need a basic reader and editor, use something lightweight.
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    Guys this is Adobe Acrobat, not Adobe Reader (which as the name implies is just the reader).

    The full Acrobat software (which is not free btw) is a lot more than a simple pdf viewer, is the most comprehensive PDF manipulator available with lots of advanced functionality. If you don't need all of them just stick with Reader instead and stop complaining about its size
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    @theabbie Holy shit, you can embed trackers in PDFs? This sounds like trojan horse kind of stuff.

    Ten years old post, but it does explain why the apps are bigger than just readers:


    I saw that the reader download for current reader is 170MB and the full version is 910MB.
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    @michezio yeah I read all the features it has. 3D, video, document tracking, whatever. It's still seven gigabytes, which is absolutely bloated fucking garbage shitware. Even 3.5 gigs is not okay.
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    @AlgoRythm Do not forget all cursed variants of forms.
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    @sbiewald Acrobat also has a c, c++, Java, and c# compiler along with three JavaScript interpreters, cython, pypy, lua 5.3, four hundred high resolution 3D models of silverware, a coupon for 10% off your next purchase at the Lego store, and a kidney.
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    @AlgoRythm And I feel bad when I cannot get the compressed install file for my projects below 40MB. Mainly due to bloating of dlls on each release of Qt.
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    @Demolishun Hopefully they can fix the rounded corners issue in less than 500 billion bytes.
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    How to get the most lightweight version of Adobe Acrobat:

    1. Uninstall it
    2. Never ever install that shit again
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    @sudo-compile Oh yeah, I got that version this morning! It's pretty great.
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    @AlgoRythm They never claimed to be Just a PDF Reader/Editor, None of their software is JUST a software. It's big because it can do stuff, why would they intentionally make it Big?
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