Can we start calling people and website who want to keep Flash around past the end of 2020 "Flasholes"?

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    That might encourage them to create certain kinds of content.
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    @Demolishun You took that someplace I did not intend and did not foresee.

    Well played
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    Do those places even exist now? Besides like newgrounds
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    @jespersh Recently tried to sign up for benefits during open enrollment and was greeted with a "This site uses Flash" banner.

    So, yeah, they are still out there.

    'Course, the banner also suggested IE or Edge so...
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    and you signed? ="D
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    well, i agree on calling these people the fair way they should


    have you missed the glorious 2000s' of 4chan /f aka /flash ??

    z0r.de AND fusro.ga/ ?!?!

    Man,. these shite sites get 50k clicks a day.

    Yes. 2020.

    Anyways. They're considering a flash emulator something something in development on .git somewhere.
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    I remember when flash used to be something someone did in a trench coat.
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    @scor Flash...emulators?

    Good gravy! HTML5 isn't that hard, is it?
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    Who's talking about html5?

    It's about the monuments that had been forged in the depth of Flash (hell :D ).
    The artistic factor, the tools and animations, none of a kind. Not talking about flash intros to companies here.
    Flash lay out the Internet as it is. Pushed the bandwidth, spew out remarkable deep web content and soared on waves of clicks.

    It's a benchmark.
    A technology of the ancients.
    Monumental history to be preserved.
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    @scor True. Albeit an insecure one
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