Planning to open my own coding school soon.

Can you give me some tips and advices?

Any critique/tips appreciated!

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    Utilize fipped-classroom model
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    Let others test your curriculum. Not by friends because they will say nice things. So you can improve your service and use those testers feedback as testimonial to sell your service.

    Also do thorough research what other coding schools are good at and copy that if it suits you.

    Also talk to a marketeer to find the right customers and pricing.
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    @heyheni Probably doing some workshops would be a good idea to start. Also doing remote courses poses a challenge because it will be hard to pair program and etc
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    @zemaitis yes and a concern for me as a potential customer would be if the teacher is competent enough and i'm not going to waste my money and time. Sort of assured Quality.
    So a free trial lesson to get hooked would be assuring.
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