God damn it Microsoft Teams is the shittiest piece of conferencing software ever. The UI is not consistent at all, calls are dropping like flies, and it does this bullshit thing where if packets are dropped it speeds up people's voices which is annoying as fuck. Echoes are everywhere and does no background filtering so people are on mute when they're talking. Fuck you Microsoft for bundling this pos down our throats.

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    In my experience it has worked perfectly acceptable more often than not.

    I prefer Teams over physical meetings.
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    I agree with you. Teams is a rip off of other popular platforms but done in a senseless way.
    I genuinely dislike using it but guess what “the approved coms system”is for my company? 😒
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    That speedup thing is in whatsapp and zoom as well.
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    Never experienced anything like that during a year of using teams.
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    For me, it’s all of the above and voice slowdown, never had speed up. Teams is a total memory hog, it spawns multiple processes and never cleans itself up, gets stuck in random boot loops, total trash software.
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    It takes entire minute for teams to load on my mobile phone. Usually it just crashes after that.

    Yes, my phone is old, but no other app does that or at least not as much.
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    I was referring to the pc version, (it’s an electron app I believe).The iPad version of teams is much better, I’ve not tried android. Teams also randomly tells me that the wrong person is calling me and sometime there is no way to answer a call.
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    Not a single issue here, but you'll get your good amount of ++ because shit on ms is always good here
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    Fix your internet, mic and webcam. MS Teams is perfect, better than most alternatives.
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    @theabbie nothing is perfect, but better than most alternatives yes 🙂
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