Does anyone else adore the show Silicon Valley?

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    It's one of my favorite shows. I've rewatched it far too many times beyond normalcy. 😬😅😭😂
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    It is surprisingly relevant.
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    It's among my favorites and very relatable :)
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    Just make me a box!!
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    the "optimal tip-to-tip efficiency algorithm" scene 😂
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    My favorite show. Very accurate. Mike Judge the producer was a developer. Guilfoyle rules!
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    it touches my heart on many levels
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    I love it. I with I could work in CA.
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    each of the characters are very stereotypical. we all know "that guy"... just like when he did Office Space, so we'll done.
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    YES! I never watch tv, but when I got a free trial for HBO I checked it out and I was hooked! Binge watched Silicon Valley 😁
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    your pump-ness makes me pumped
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    silicon valley, person of interest, IT crowd are my favourite.
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