I have almost stopped reading news online because of all these idiotic consent popups. I don't care to give consent specifically on every damn web site I visit. GDPR has spoiled the internet. I understand the purpose but it is so a failure. It's not each publisher that should ask for approval of technologies on their site. It's the tech providers that should ask and get approval for what they provide and use, not every bloody blogger who can't know even what to ask. The EU screwed up, as it always does.

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    I really really want the "I am not in the EU and don't fucking care." button to silence this once and forever. We can dream right?
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    @Demolishun The once and forever is what I want too.
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    No one forces any website to ask permission for anything. It's their own choice.
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    @electrineer check ye facts.
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    @Ubbe there's a plug-in called something as "I don't care about cookies" if it can be of any use for you!
    I agree that the for is pure bs, basically it's added cost for the development of a website which adds no benefits.

    But as a European I suggest you to redirect your hate towards other things if you have to criticize the eu. Like the damn fact that we speak a fuckton different languages leading to us being separated af and some states like in which people speak their language at the workplace when the company's language is english cause they are too dumb to realize excluding people from conversations is not nice for team building and leads to the feeling of either being mocked on or kept out of data intentionally while you may be talking about your dog in reality.

    (Sorry for the long rant, really hate how separated the eu is, been to America and being able to move across states without this bs was just awesome)
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    @Ubbe How about these stupid web designers shouldn't use shit that isn't necessary? Necessary stuff only needs information, not consent.
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    @piratefox I'd never call myself a European, it's just a silly word. Unionist don't understand that what created the modern world was the dynamics of the many countries in Europe with their distinct cultures. Just like Greece in ancient times was much more dynamic than the Persian monolith. China was stagnant for a thousand years because of centralised power and monoculturalism. Russia is stagnant for the same reason. The US is failing despite all its potential, largely due to not being able to develop all its regions according to their needs and because of corrupt centralised power. That is what the EU tries to copy. It would by laughable if it wasn't tragic.
    Sorry about being of topic, but I was provoced. 🤐
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    @Fast-Nop Fair point. But it still makes very little sense that I have to approve Google analytics separately on every blog and site I visit. And Chartbeat, and New Relic and...
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    @Ubbe To me, it makes even less sense that every shitty website wants to tell Google, Chartbeat, and all the other assholes that I'm visiting the website.
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    "The US is failing despite all its potential"

    By what metric?
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    GDPR gave the sites two options:
    - Stop stalking their visitors.
    - Tell their visitors that they stalk them.

    Obviously, the sites chose to keep on stalking.

    The take away is not that GDPR is bad, but that most of the web is hostile territory.
    Don't be a victim. Get and configure uBlock Origin today. It comes with support for filter lists blocking the ads, the trackers, and the "consent" dialog providers.

    And if enough people use web filters (uBlock Origin) or web firewalls (uMatrix), other ways of monetization will emerge - and the trackers will just die.
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    @Ubbe you see, I don't really mind being in something like united states of europe or something like that, but I really dislike being unable to communicate with people :s

    I don't despite the cultural difference or the difference in language, but I really feel like the eu lacks a trait d'union and that the "we should all speak a language but we don't even tho we say we do" is really limiting a lot of economical exchanges (e.g: in Germany all documents are in german, in italy they are in italian etc, which buys space for "translation issues", therefore most times you think trice before signing a deal)
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    @Oktokolo Sites. That's the point. Tracking is not a problem of sites its about services from big companies. They are the problem and they should ask for permission. GDPR is shit that destroys the web and moves people to apps. 99% just push Agree to get rid of the annoyance.
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    It is the sites that enable the tracking in the first place, as without them, there would be no data transfers to the trackers.
    So it is the sites wich basically give away the visitor's data. It therefore is their responsibility to tell visitors that they do that.
    That also limits the amount of GDPR dialogues a visitor has to dismiss per visited site to zero or one instead of zero to hundreds...

    It is a bit like with guns though. If there would be no tracker "services", most tracking would just not happen. So maybe outright banning that type of "service" would be an actual solution.

    Although most of that services may already not usable by sites without breaking the GDPR. It contains rules mandating that a tracking-free experience has to be offered when tracking isn't technically required for a site to work.
    Despite the lobby influence, the GDPR boldly goes where no data protection regulation has gone before...
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