When grafic designer design a list of products where on top of the page is header with title, category description, big fucking image, big fucking category navigation and on second screen list of the products.

Just why? Why put the important stuff (products) on second screen? Just why? You have three asses of space, you fucker. You can put category list on fucking SIDE. How many time you did this shit?

What about multilevel categories when menu just show current category children? I need to go fucking back or what? FUCK YOU! Stick this stupid boxes into your ass and design real navigation.

What is so fucking great to having big ass monitors and design more and more one column websites, just why you fucking retard?

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    Designers are often just retards who think design is best if not disturbed by actual content. That's why they loved splash pages. When they were told that splash pages sucked, they didn't understand why and went ahead to implement them by other means - they called it "hero image". Idiots.
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    @Fast-Nop I'm so sick of this. Client just ask me what i think about his new design. My response was:

    As always, design is full of school mistakes, probably already created in the wireframe. Flaws in accessibility, readability, design did not consider userbase dopositions at all. There is lot funcionality what users will never use (like news filter allowing any category combination to show on web with 100 news in 10 years in total), but few important things missing like product sorting by price. I can go on and on, but i'm so tired.
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    @Lexter Or crappy search functions that can't just admit "sorry, we don't have that", but instead suggest totally unrelated shit in desperate hope to make a sale. All it achieves is that I avoid the shop altogether.
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    @Fast-Nop Man, it's just basics. Just fucking basics. I'm so much for creative webdesign, but webdesign is not painting, it has some basic rules. Realy basic rules to follow. FUCKING BASIC.
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