At least pretend to have a reason for using checkboxes where the behaviour is obviously a single choice. I know I'm sometimes full of crap. I know I can waste so much time arguing for something I'm wrong about. At least I have arguments to support my approach, and I don't dismiss my mistakes. I don't need you to spend the next 5 minutes changing checkboxes for radio buttons in the mockup, it took dev 5 seconds to replace "checkbox" with "radio" and move on. However, I do need you to know what you're doing, even if it turns to be wrong.

I know this world celebrates people who can do things perfectly: models with perfect bodies, singers with perfect voices, sportsmen with perfect scores, students with perfect grades. I understand that's why you wish to try again so you can do it perfectly.

That's not what the world needs. The world needs people who know why they did what they did. It's drunk drivers who break down in the court, not serial killers. Serial killers know what they did, they know why they did it, and they believe it was the right thing to do; drunk drivers on the other hand had no idea what they did or why they did it, and they try to dismiss their wrongdoings by blaming them on alcohol, not getting a taxi, parking fees, the car, or some other circumstances.

So confront your bullshit for once. Stop searching for excuses to dismiss challenging ideas and prove you can defend your position. Otherwise, don't get angry when your "impeccable" ideas lose to someone who at least tries to defend their nonsense.

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    This just happened.

    There's some boolean value in the DB.

    Client wants a visual toggle. No prob, make a toggle.

    Well, as it turns out, this toggle makes an async call to actually change that 0 to a 1... so now I need a spinner next to the toggle.

    But wait, the toggle shouldn't turn green until the callback fires, so now the toggle needs a greyed out tertiary state.

    And what about toggling it back to 0... now the toggle needs a greyed out state for that too.

    So now I have this 4 fucking state over engineered to fuck animating toggle switch that can visualize the async call it makes... all so the end user can change a one to a zero without fucking it up.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi 😅I sense we have a similar designer.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi atomic design go bbbrrrrrrrr sskkkkrrraaaahh
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