I wonder how Saas companies like Zapier, Zendesk, etc...build a lot of common 3rd party integrations that perform the same set of tasks. I mean, do they just brute force in building those market place integrations or do they have an architecture where everything just works if the API keys are configured?

Eg: github, gitlab, Jira apis kind of do the same set of tasks but their APIs are different in structure. Is there a normalisation technique behind the scenes or they just build the same stuff 3 times.

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    Actually mostly the company or people hired by the company make the integrations atleast on zapier. Though it is possible that nobody releated to the company made it since they dont verify that.
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    If the architecture is any good, there is a business logic layer that has nothing to do with how the API is structured, and a set of wrappers for each service.
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