Suck dicks Microsoft... Get choked.
All I wanted to do was to uninstall this piece of crapware.

And now you're telling me i need to UPDATE the installer in order to uninstall.

What the fuck, what obscure substances have you been smoking lately? imbicile numbskull maniacs.

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    I thought only Xcode was capable of shit like this.
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    VS was a great IDE until someone decided to split it up like that ...

    Unless you have fiber optics, vs installation process is a pain
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    Imagine being so salty over an update
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    @shoop Updates for software that I want to use is ok.

    Updates for software that i'm about t o uninstall is not.
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    @theMaintainer still not a reason to get so incredibly angry about it
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    If you don't like angry rants, you're in the wrong community.
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    @theMaintainer I like angry rants, I don't like rants about stupid shit
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    @shoop Then why bother commenting.. I'd have been faster to just scroll on.
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    @theMaintainer ranting about rants about stupid shit aren't stupid
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    You know nothing lol I wanted to upgrade some parts so I opened the installer up and it said that I didn't have it installed the m$ approved way to resolve is to reinstall by hand.
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    Same here.

    MS products are so expensive, because they have to pay for all the weed for their devs.
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    I ranted about the same thing when I first found it. It's ridiculous and sounds like a joke but yeah..... you gotta update your updater before you get to update.

    If you think about it, it does make sense. The installer does more than just update, it's more of a convoluted package manager with only like... 15 packages.

    But it's still rather silly I would say.
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    What a coincidence. I opened DevRant to browse while the stupid installer updates so I can uninstall all the four different unused versions of Visual Studio that the previous guy installed on this lab computer, and yours is the first post I see.
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    Wuuuuut... Kind of derp leaves all the company data from the previous employer still sitting on a laptop 😆
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    @SortOfTested Oh there's tons of ill-organized projects and even personal data I found while making sure that uninstalling Visual Studio won't cause problems with any project.

    Digital workplace hygiene is severely underrated.
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    @shoop Dude this is some seriusly bad shit. Imagine you want to check out of your hotel but the owner only lets you go after he went back to your room with you to check if everything is still in order.
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    Monopolies work like this 😈 shhh
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    I don't do much with MS stuff, but VS seems pretty cool.
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