Anti Windows your project by doing this:

touch antiwin antiWin "windows?"
echo "take that Windows" >> con

I have not tried it, but I wonder what would happen on git pull.

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    Or anti-brain devRant by stupid shitposting - that's something you have tried, obviously.
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    Linux introduced case-insensitive file system support in kernel 5.2.

    Stop trying to bash Windows to appear cool, when you clearly don't know & understand either OS.
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    @Fast-Nop, @hitko how the fuck is a prank Windows bashing? Man, you morons. Is it Linux bashing when I mention that it is interesting to put exit in the bashrc of a colleague?
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    @TheCommoner282 Sure, it's a prank and the punchline is telling people "That's just because you're using Windows!" (after they've wasted a bunch of time trying to clone some public code). That's not a prank, that's bullying people for using Windows. Even more so given that you specifically ignore OS X and other major operating systems which also use case-insensitive file systems by default, as well as the fact that case-sensitivity has absolutely nothing to do with Windows.
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    @hitko I assumed OS X is case insensitive. It being case sensitive is news to me, but I just believe you. Haven't tested it.

    But I also created a file called con, which is a reserved name on Windows. So, this very sure, not true for OS X.

    And of course, I am playing pranks on other systems as well. For instance, on Linux and OS X system I can run while loops in the background that closes Firefox every 5 minutes. I did that to colleagues already.

    I don't do the anti windows one because I don't dirty a git repository for a joke. But if I had some throwaway project, I might.

    And I talked about it because I thought about it at that moment. Alas, OS snowflakes need disclaimers that I don't dislike Windows.
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    @TheCommoner282 Where the fucking fuck in my comment do you dumb woodlouse read any-fucking-thing about "Windows bashing"?!
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    And the "I wouldn't hire you to write a natural language interface - Award" goes to... FAST-NOP.


    Go back under your bridge.
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    @TheCommoner282 hitko wrote something about Windows bashing, I didn't. Maybe you learn to properly tag nicks, or even to properly read.
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    I talked to two people at once. I generalised. That was your gist. I don't quote like I am writing an essay. Would you now kindly piss off?
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