If I ever run my own engineering team I shall ban all meetings after 12 PM. Or permit meetings only on 2 days of the week.

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    Being a late Riser, I would ban (or defer) meetings before 12 PM
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    I've seen companies that restrict meetings to specific days of the week.

    I think it is kinda a good idea.
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    @asgs OK for you my friend 1 PM.
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    In our company we restrict meeting for dev teram to only 2 days a week.

    The idea is to give dev team 3 days of almost non interpted time
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    @byshiny @NoToJavaScript does it actually work well on practice? What are some disadvantages?
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    @byshiny Well, we are a small company. About 11 people. (5 on dev team).

    So disadvantage is : other 6 people need to adjust their schedule to accommodate dev team.

    Sometimes some of devs don’t have “motivation” and just do nothing during one of “free” days. Then they are late on sprint because other 2 days are packed with meetings.

    But mostly it’s working well !
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